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Rich Eidman and Seymour & Associates, Inc.
A brief overview
Rich holds a B.A. in English from California State University at Northridge (CSUN) and a Masters in Counseling Psychology, from Ryokan College in West Los Angeles. After graduating from CSUN, Rich spent over eight years at various radio and TV stations in New Mexico, North Dakota and California as a news and sports reporter and play by play announcer.

Rich's recruiting career began when he accepted a sales position with Search West, in November of 1985. At the time, they were the largest contingent search firm on the west coast, with over $20 million in revenues and seven offices in California. He was the runner-up in the Rookie of the Year contest in 1986, in a group of over thirty rookies who lasted through a rigorous year-long training period. Within two years, Rich was promoted to Department Manager for the Metals division in the Encino office. Over a two and one-half year stretch, his group of four recruiters produced over $500,000 per year in billings.

In 1990, Rich left Search West and founded Seymour & Associates, Inc. His business has evolved to an emphasis on companies in the store fixtures, architectural millwork, P-O-P and retail industries. He is focused on building a client base in both contingent and retained search, at or above the Directors level. Seymour and Associates, Inc. has placed executives and mid-level managers in the areas of finance, operations, materials management, production, engineering and sales and marketing. His clients have included companies like, L.A. Darling Company, Madix, Beeline Group, Royston LLC, Southern Imperial, and retailers like Kohl's, Starbucks, and Nestle USA..

Seymour & Associates, Inc is pleased to announce that Joe Zwicker has joined Seymour & Associates as a Vice President of Business Development. Joe will also be recruiting in all areas of the store fixtures and POP display industries. Joe has over 28 years of operational and financial experience in both manufacturing and service industries, where he held leadership positions for major corporations such as Nestlé Food Company, Dole Food Company and Oldcastle, Inc. Throughout his career, Joe collaborated with senior management in the diverse areas of Sales and Marketing, Operations, Manufacturing, Finance and Corporate. Joe has extensive experience in evaluating and hiring the best qualified candidates, and his expertise will enable him to partner closely with our clients to ensure successful placements. Joe holds a BA in Management Science from the University of California, San Diego and his MBA in Corporate Finance from the University of Southern California.

Al Sanderson, the former long time Vice-President of Human Resources of L.A. Darling Company is our Senior Vice President of Business Development. Al also recruits in the store fixtures, P-O-P and retail industries. He brings over 30 years of store fixture industry knowledge to our company, along with extensive manufacturing operations background gained during a career with Fortune 500 companies like Rockwell International, Warner and Swasey Company and James River Corporation. Al  utilizes his vast interviewing experience to recruit for key positions across the manufacturing spectrum, such as VP manufacturing/operations, VP of Sales and Marketing, VP of Finance, etc.

Rich Eidman's experiences as a news and sports reporter have taught him the value of asking good questions to elicit the information necessary to an effective interview. He has refined his investigative techniques over the years due to almost 18 years as a successful executive recruiter, many seminars on recruiting and spending a year as an interning psychotherapist in a community clinic in Los Angeles.

Rich learned that in order to get to the truth, a reporter or a therapist, must ask his subject the most difficult questions. This philosophy carried over into his training as a recruiter, where hidden nuggets about a person's past, needs and desires all factor into their ability to meet an employer's job requirements. We believe that the best way to insure a successful search and hire process is the willingness of both the recruiter and the employer to ask the tough questions.

Seymour & Associates, Inc. has established a reputation for integrity and our ability to manage confidential searches. We initiate the search process by spending time with the employer and getting to know their company's unique culture and needs. And when the client commits to a search assignment with us, we utilize all our resources to make the best possible match between candidate and employer.

Ultimately, the final arbiter of an executive recruiter's worth is: how good are his candidates? Seymour & Associates, Inc. understands the benefits of hiring quality employees and their ability to add "value" to new situations. We apply behavioral questioning throughout the process and conduct thorough reference checks to maintain the high standards exemplified by our candidates.

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