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Lisa Eidman heads up the consulting practice of Seymour & Associates, Inc., specializing in business and financial planning, business start-up, expansion and reorganization, marketing small businesses and working with teams to improve results. She has built a successful career on the ability to quickly learn new products, industries and cultures, and identify resources. She collaborates with senior decision makers to assess key issues and risks and recommend alternative solutions to help drive bottom line growth.


Lisa is an entrepreneur who founded her own company, The Magical Kitchen, Inc., a combination cooking school and wine bar. She was involved in every aspect of the business from concept to implementation and subsequent sale. She wrote the business and financial plan, researched and secured financing, managed the build-out project, marketed the business and managed operations. In fifteen months, as the economy slowed, the business grew to $0.5 million in sales with a customer database of over 3000 customers.


Prior to that, Lisa held a leadership position for nearly 10 years with Nestlé USA as Division Controller for the Foreign Trade Division. This role functioned as the CFO for the division and included managing all aspects of the financial operations and serving as advisor for strategic, marketing and operational plans. Lisa was directly responsible for ensuring that the division exceeded its sales ($400 million) and profit ($35 million) targets during each year of her tenure as Controller.


Throughout her career, Lisa has led and consulted on projects that have integrated, reorganized, started up and wound down business operations. While at Nestlé, she worked on entering, exiting and selling product lines for world-wide brands Perugina Chocolate, Libby’s International, and Crosse & Blackwell. Lisa has managed through issues involving absorbing and exiting employees, physical locations, inventory, processes, operations and systems. She has provided impact studies for new plant, plant relocation and plant closure alternatives. And, she has worked with teams to roll out core value programs, emphasizing team building and morale enhancement activities, while maintaining productivity during company restructuring efforts.


Lisa holds an M.B.A. in marketing and finance from The University of Michigan as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Accounting from the same institution. She is a member of the Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce and a graduate of their Leadership Simi Valley Program. Lisa served on the board of the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Foundation and is currently a member of the Independent Citizen’s Oversight Committee, a group that monitors the expenditure of school bond funds as voted by the community.


You can reach Lisa at 805-990-0968 or via email at lisa@seymourandassociates.com

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